The Danas, Trumbulls, and Sillimans

James Dwight Dana
 Yale Peabody bio
 Interior of his house
 His house (24 Hillhouse Avenue)
 Restoration of his house
 His theology
 Geology at Yale
 Natland book
 Newell book
 Dott book
 New Haven Burial Ground
 Dana in Hawaii
Making of Valleys
Dana Classification System for Minerals


Jonathan Trumbull, Sr.
 Jonathan Trumbull
 Jonathan Trumbull, Sr.
 His tomb, Lebanon, CT.
Jonathan Trumbull, Jnr.
 Jonathan and Faith Trumbull

The JonathanTrumbull Family history


Gold Selleck Silliman
Gold Selleck Silliman biography
Benjamin Silliman
  Silliman at Yale
 Silliman Yale Peabody bio
 Silliman's Carte de Visite
 Silliman's receipt for the Yale collection